WP_20131128_175There are undoubtedly being a few issues being ironed out in Egypt at the moment, and that this has lead to violence is well documented. Understandably this has had a major impact on tourism here, with the majority of travellers looking to avoid getting caught up in any escalation of the political disputes.

The situation has actually worked in my favour because the¬†desperate¬†hotels have slashed all their prices so the limited number of guests will stay in their building. The result of which is me having a luxury room at the Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah for the duration of my stay for only a little more than I was spending on motels in the USA. I didn’t take them up on the option of a personal butler though, although it was exceedingly tempting!

WP_20131128_009As ever I didn’t do much other than freshen up after all my travelling yesterday, so this morning was my first chance to check this place out.

I enjoyed a fantastic breakfast at the restaurant which is set on the banks of the Nile. It is warm and peaceful watching it flow by.

WP_20131128_015The only thing I need to watch out for is the local birds who have realised they are onto a good thing here.

As soon as my back is turned by going inside for some more fruit they are on my table trying to steal my croissants. The cheek! Buy your own breakfast!
RowingWhilst enjoying the food and a cup or two of coffee I am also surprised to see so many rowing boats gliding across the top of the river in the early morning sun.

I am sure it is a perfect training environment but in light of all the recent bad press it seems so contrary to everything I had expected here.




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