Elephant-Longboard-Sri-LankI have had a great time in Sri Lanka, but as ever it is time for my adventures to move on once more. Sadly I am packing up my surfboard for the last time on this trip, but I may yet get this local board caddy to help me get it to the airport.

I have enjoyed staying in Hikkaduwa and have been winding down the extremes of my surfing, especially after hitting the reef so hard a week ago but have savoured surfing in shorts for the last time on my trip.

I say my goodbyes to the lovely Austrian couple, Kathrin and David, who have been staying next door to me, and will check in on their own travel blog when I get home.   

Egypt-FlagI have a long journey ahead of me today, which starts with a three hour drive to the airport and then then two four and a half hour flights before landing in Egypt.

Arriving in Africa I will complete my collection of continents visited on this trip. (I didn’t see much point in heading to Antarctica before anybody starts splitting hairs!)




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