Girl From IpanemaDuring my stay in Rio I have been based in the Ipanema area of town.

It is most famous worldwide for the tall and tan and young and lovely, girl from Ipanema who goes walking by.

For those unfamiliar with the song, it is a Bossa Nova classic and has been sung by many great singers such as Frank Sinatra and more recently was covered by Amy Winehouse. 

Cafe in Ipanema

The lyrics to the song were written in this cafe by a bloke who would have coffee here every day and see a stunning girl walking past everyday.

Garote de Ipanema is the Portuguese translation of the song’s title.

I stopped in for a bite to eat and enjoyed the steady procession of delightful young things that still walk by on their way to the beach.

Girls from IpanemaAt the beach itself there are still no shortage of muses for any songwriters that are in need of inspiration.

I had a brief chat with this young lady, but she did not seem to be too impressed by my offer of composing a song on my ukulele for her.




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