hot-sun-thermometerIt is scorchin hot here and I am going to cover up tomorrow to give my skin an in particular my face a break from the relentless sun.

I am already darker than many Mexicans so dont need to worry about a tan any more!

It was still 34C last night at 6pm and I find I am hiding for longer and longer in air conditioned spaces.

People who know me will be aware that I dont really feel the cold, but conversely I really suffer in the heat. It is almost certainly due to my personal levels of insulation, but my reknown exothermic powers are of no help at all here.

I am not expecting much sympathy from back in the UK on this. How is the winter this year?




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  1. Pete Griffith says:

    How cold is the winter? Put it this way, I’ve just bought a pair of 7mm thick mitts… :/

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