wpid-toothbrushes.jpgWhilst trying to connect to the web at the internet cafe I was using the other day I was joined by an American guy in his 60s who couldn’t get online.

Having a great deal of sympathy for his pain I kindly offered to take an expert look at his computer for him, and was quickly able to sort the issue out.

It turns out he is the local dentist, and once his work was complete he promptly went off to his surgery and came back with some toothbrushes for me. Quite the most unusual payment method I have ever encountered, even though nothing was required.




2 Responses to “IT Dental Care”

  1. Cousin Anna says:

    Hi Robert
    I’ve been reading your blog every time you update it since you set off on your surfastic trip and I have kept meaning to text you to say how awesome it is. You’ve got a great style of writing and I’m aways keen to see where you’ve ended up next on your travels. The UK is undergoing the dreariest weather in forever at the moment, so it gives me slightly jealous comfort to know you are sweltering in the heat and spending your life half in the sea and half in the Bug.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Rob says:

      Hi Anna
      Lovely to hear from you. Glad you are enjoying the blog. Apart from IT stresses it is fun writing it and definitely good to know my efforts are worthwhile.
      Hope to see you soon
      Lots of love

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