Shark Fins

WP_20131016_001My feelings on angry fish are well documented in this blog, however I have to say I have been quite saddened by the number of health food shops and medicinal suppliers located around my hotel that are supplying shark fins. It is clearly a popular dish here because the first restaurant I went into dedicated its first page of the menu to variations of shark fin soup.

I don’t think I have any more right to tell somebody else what they can eat, than they do to tell me that I can’t eat bacon so I don’t know what is the right way forward on it though. It just seems so wasteful to kill such magnificent animals just for their fins in much the same way killing elephants and rhinos for their ivory does.

Such an unsustainable shame based on ill informed beliefs about virility and strength of the animals being passed on to the consumer, which have no basis in science and sound like they are straight out of the dark ages. 




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