Tamarindo Surfer 3Tamarindo is as much a party town as it is a surf town, but I haven’t been out apart from the first night here because I have been so tired after two surf sessions each day and the on-going IT battle in between.

As you can see here there is much to keep a gentleman amused, so I am even more annoyed by the IT battle which is taking up so much of my time.

I finally make it out on Thursday only to find that the town is not serving booze because it is Holy Week.


Tamarindo SunbatherThere are no shortage of bikinis on the beach either!

Walking around would easily put a huge a grin on my face were it not for the howling wind blowing so much dust into the air that I would be eating grit if I dared show my teeth.


Pura Vida CabanasI have enjoyed my stay here bagging a few great waves at the various beaches I have visited.

Access to a fridge in my little cabana has been a blessing too, even if there was no air conditioning to keep me cool.

However as ever it is time to move on again and I am heading south down the peninsula. Not before I make myself a cheeky fry up though!




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  1. Neil Stafford says:

    Hmmm…looking at those photos I may leave Australia and join you now!

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