Roo Warning 2Once I have filled up with petrol I start the day with a kangaroo warning, which is just as well because one bounces across the front of the van about twenty seconds later.

The road is pretty run of the mill but the landforms on the coast just south of it are out of this world. I see the Bay of Martyrs, the Bay of Islands, London Bridge, The Arch, The Grotto and many more.

Great Ocean RoadThe Twelve Apostles that you see here are particularly well known and there is a visitor centre there too.

I pull up and go to have a look for myself.

As pillars of rock sticking out the sea go they aren’t bad at all.

Blown OutSadly though the wind that had been such a problem on the roads the day before is still blowing and causing me problems.

There are no waves on offer for me along the western end of the Great Ocean Road as a consequence because everywhere is blown out. Denied!

Cockateel Scavengers 1I see a couple of unusual sights as I make my way along the road.

First a group of cockatiels is harassing everybody at the beach car park like the seagulls used to do to me on my paper round back in North Wales. There isn’t another sea bird in sight.

House on StiltsThen I spot this house as I’m driving towards Apollo Bay.

I’m not sure I’d fancy the walk back along that gangway after I had a few pints down at the local.

Surely and accident waiting to happen.

DCIM100GOPROI will leave you with a few shot taken along the road itself because the geography here is the real star of the show.

I liked the natural arches particularly and wondered if anybody had ever tried to surf through them.


Thunder Cave 1The Grotto 47

London Bridge 54




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