Time Out

Time OutI am sorry but I am having too many problems with IT at the moment and it is costing me valuable time for enjoying myself in New Zealand where I am now situated.

I have loads to update you on but the final straw this morning was filling the hard drive of my laptop (with loads of great pictures) making it almost impossible to post because the PC is so slow as a consequence.

That BT have also decided to suspend my email account without warning just because I had the affront to log in somewhere new in world, using a perfectly good login and password combination is just an indication of the sort of stuff I’m dealing with. (The latter took a 50 minute international rate call to some fuckwit who didn’t have the first idea what was going on or how to fix it!)

I was going to replace my laptop anyway in Sydney where I arrive on 15th June and will have loads of time there to catch up. Consequently I am taking a time out from the blog until the new machine is purchased to make the most of surf opportunities and everything else that New Zealand has to offer.

I have been noting everything down, so you wont miss anything of what I have been up to. Massive waves, old friends, amazing wildlife and so much more…




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