DCIM102GOPROIn search of waves the nine wise men and I take advantage of the boat at Heaven on the Planet to check out the next beach along. We have to wait until there is enough water covering the reef for the boat to get out, but head over to the sister location that is called Ocean Heaven and located nearer to the Outside Ekas break.

We jump over the side of the boat upon arrival and paddle into the shore to enjoy a lunch there and a change of scene.

DCIM100GOPROI haven’t been surfing for days though and can’t look at the waves breaking off the beach in front of Ocean Heaven for long after the meal.

I grab my board and am running out over the coral sand you can see behind me to catch a few before the crowd joins me. The water is so warm it is bordering on hot, and it is a delight to be surfing in shorts again.

DCIM100GOPROOutside Ekas usually breaks significantly bigger and a great deal further out than the small waves which were on offer for me on the inside section of the rock reef.

I still managed to bag quite a few waves here and even though this picture would suggest that it was far better than reality I did have an awful lot of fun before returning to the boat.

We had cut it a bit fine and scraped across one rock because there was no longer enough water covering the reef on the way back. However no harm done and time for victory beers to celebrate bagging another country on my surf tour.




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