DCIM100GOPROOn the way back across the inlet in our boat like the ones you see here we went past the beginner wave called Don Don on our way towards the town of Grupuk. Don Don is more sheltered further inside the bay and therefore the waves there are not as gnarly.

There was a similar sized crowd to the break at Inside Grupuk but passing within metres of the waves I couldn’t resist stopping there. The battery on the GoPro had not been charged properly before the previous session so by this time the camera was dead and I have no pictures of this session that I can share with you as a consequence. 

Easy RiderHowever I had so much fun in the 40 minutes I was in the water here. None of the learners in the water were comfortable waiting right in front of the peek, which meant that I had it to myself so I caught wave after wave rolling right along the shoulder and through the pack before paddling back around the waves and doing it over again. I caught loads but didn’t stick around long a) because I was probably getting right up the noses of the other 50 surfers in the water by stealing all the waves and b) I had promised my boat skipper that I wouldn’t keep him waiting long. I could tell he was itching for another fare and probably another surf of his own!


Back in Grupuk I had a bite to eat before climbing back onto the pink surf wagon you see above, and then wobbled and bounced along the appalling road back to my hotel.

I got back to Bedrock just in time for sundowners under the shelters on the beach. Still no sign of Fred, Wilma, Barney or Betty but it was a glorious spot to end the day.




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