Nth Steyne 1North Steyne beach at Manly is almost always busy. It is the northern beaches version of Bondi, which tourists flock to, but it is also popular with local surfers too.

The beach is about two miles long and after driving across the peninsular from the ferry terminal I discover that the ocean there is the most crowded I have seen anywhere during my time in Australia. It is only just past eight and hundreds of surfers have already paddled out.

DCIM101GOPROI can’t be bothered with scrapping for every wave in the crowds, but spot a little break in front of the beach volleyball courts which is going largely unridden.

I paddle out there and am quickly chatting with another guy in the water called Geoff, who I discover is an editor at The Australian newspaper.

DCIM101GOPROApart from dropping in on his waves as you see here, (my apologies Geoff) the two of us chat about great waves around the world and where my trip has taken me.

Amazingly we have a little peak to ourselves for a couple of hours until the children and surf schools start arriving in the water.

DCIM101GOPROGeoff and I bag lefts and rights for fun until things get too crowded. It was only a few feet but really clean and getting warmer all the time as the sun rose in the sky.

Whilst in the water he told me that I should have been here the day before when a solitary dolphin had appeared. It had been content to hang out in the line-up and rub up against legs dangling in the water. 

DCIM102GOPROI have had so many great dolphin encounters on this trip but no evidence for you to back up my claims, so am a bit gutted to have missed the experience. Especially because I had looked at the waves here the day before and there had not been anything showing when I had arrived. You never know what is around the corner though and I will have plenty more time to see marine life on my trip.

It is still only half past ten when I get out of the water from my second surf of the day. It would be criminal not to take more advantage of the swell which has arrived so I pack up and head north again.




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