Doheny3There really isnt much surf about at the moment and I have to drive for miles to find a wave. Newport Beach where I am currently based isn’t working, the picture you see here of Doheny will show you that people had paddled out more in hope than expectation. San Clemente Pier was much the same so I push on past the county line to Trestles which is another legendary break that was on my list of breaks that I must surf, hoping for more swell to be showing there.

DCIM100GOPROAs well as being a legendary break it is notoriously difficult to find. You park in a burger bar car park, walk over the freeway bridge. Down this track for half a mile turn right continue down that track for half a mile, scramble under the elevated railway pilons (or trestles hence the name) and then across the sand. I feel like I have been hiking by the time I get to the water but am amused by the rabbits running all over the place as I walk down the tracks, because they are a new addition to the Doolittle collection.

DCIM101GOPROThe break itself is split up into Uppers, Middles and Lowers and I paddle out at Uppers to avoid the massive crowds in the water at Lowers where the waves can be legendarily good. The sea surface is like glass and I think that I am in for an amazing session but the truth is that there were not enough waves coming through and those that did were only really breaking on the shore. You had to wait ages for a half decent ride. This was todays best shot.

DCIM100GOPROHowever during one of these long lulls some more dolphins came through and unlike my experience at Rincon I had my camera with me this time. In no great rush they idled by me in the water and I was hoping that you could see them behind me. I was looking for ages but have failed to get the photographic proof I would love. They hung around for about 20 minutes which was awesome.

I’m in the water for a few hours and chatting with some local guys, but the wait between waves is boring so I eventually paddle in keen to see if I caught anything useful on camera.




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