Turner's Beach 5We have driven north to Yamba in search of more waves and Kathleen is keen to have another surf session, so after a bit of wetsuit shopping we head for Turners beach at the tip of the headland.

It is a lovely spot for learning because the waves break over the top of the sandy bay and you can watch the surf from the car park.

Yamba LighthouseThe sponge board she had used at Clarkes Beach had been a bit cumbersome so Kathleen tried my Modern Blackbird surfboard out. As usual I had attached the camera to the nose to see what pictures we could get.

On the way out we got this snap of us both with the lighthouse overlooking the bay from the headland in the background.

Want it!Unlike Clarkes Beach the waves were relentlessly hitting the shore here and as such they are much easier for a learner to get in front of.

Apart from selecting the waves I thought she should go for, Kathleen was largely on her own here. Catching waves when others are out is very competitive and you have to want it. Here is Kathleen claiming one for herself.

Look DolphinsHowever the waves out back were very tempting and once Kathleen had exhausted herself in the shore break I couldn’t wait to get out and into them before the sun went down.

There was only a handful of people in the water by this stage and I was delighted to once more be joined by dolphins in the water. Still no pictures of them to share with you I’m afraid, but you can see how excited I was.

Charging TurnersThey hung around for a while swimming around me and the others in the water. It is a great experience but I have to admit at times a little unnerving having such big animals moving around me.

The waves were great fun whilst I was out there though, and I quickly bagged a hat-trick of great rides before getting out myself.





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